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Anastasia - Vladimir Megre (Book 1)


Book 1 of the Ringing Cedars series.

Anastasia is a young woman who lives in the Siberian forest, completely in tune with nature. She lives off cedar nuts and other wild food growing in the forest and doesn't have a house or structure to live in, only what nature provides. Vladimir Megre, the author, spends three days in the forest with Anastasia and this is what he learns from her, on subjetcs as diverse as gardening, child rearing, healing, sexuality and religion.

The incredible thing about this book is that it is a true story and provides inspiration for how we can live in harmony with nature again.


  1. The ringing cedar
  2. Encounter
  3. Beast or Man?
  4. Who are they?
  5. A forest bedroom
  6. Anastasia’s morning
  7. Anastasia’s ray
  8. Concert in the taiga
  9. Who lights a new star?
  10. Her beloved dachniks
  11. Advice from Anastasia
  12. Sleeping under one’s star
  13. A helper and mentor for your child
  14. Forest school
  15. Attentiveness to Man
  16. Flying saucers? Nothing extraordinary!
  17. The brain — a supercomputer
  18. “In him was life; and the life was the light of men”
  19. The need to change one’s outlook on the world
  20. A mortal sin
  21. Touching Paradise
  22. Who will bring up our son?
  23. Through a window of time
  24. A strange girl
  25. Bugs
  26. Dreams — creating the future
  27. Across the dark forces’ window of time
  28. Strong people
  29. Who are you, Anastasia?
  30. Author’s message to readers
  31. Author’s message to entrepreneurs

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