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The Ringing Cedars of Russia - Vladimir Megre (Book 2)


This is the second book in the series. It explores some of the concepts from book one in more detail and includes the story of how Vladimir Megre came to publish the books.

More information is given on how to make cedar oil. Also, dolmens are explained, these are ancient burial structures which can still be found in Russia (and other countries).


  1. Alien or Man?
  2. A money-making machine
  3. Healing for hell
  4. A confidential conversation
  5. Where are you, my guardian angel?
  6. The cherry tree
  7. Who’s to blame?
  8. The answer
  9. Dachnik Day and an All-Earth holiday!
  10. The ringing sword of the bard
  11. A sharp about-turn
  12. Who sets the course?
  13. Money from scratch
  14. A destructive force
  15. ‘Herbalife’ entrepreneurs
  16. Free holidays in Hawaii
  17. The beginning of perestroika
  18. Fellowship of Russian entrepreneurs
  19. Suicide?
  20. The Ringing Cedars of Russia
  21. Untitled
  22. Unravelling the mystery
  23. Untitled
  24. Father Feodorit
  25. The Space of Love
  26. Anastasia’s grandfather
  27. The anomaly
  28. Illusory people
  29. Why nobody can see God
  30. Dawn in Russia
  31. How to produce healing cedar oil
  32. Title!
  33. Your sacred sites, O Russia!

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