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Rites of Love - Vladimir Megre (Book 8 Part 2)

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The very latest book, published April 2008 contrasts today's mainstream attitudes to sex, family, childbirth and education with our forebears' lifestyle, which reflected their deep spiritual understanding of the significance of conception, pregnancy, homebirth and upbringing of the young in an atmosphere of love. In powerful poetic prose Megre describes their ancient way of life, grounded in love and non-violence, and shows the practicability of this same approach today. Through the life-story of one family, he portrays the radiant world of the ancient Russian Vedic civilisation, the drama of its destruction and its re-birth millennia later -- in our present time.


1. Love — the essence of the Cosmos
2. Do our lives correspond to the Divine programme?
3. Why does love come and go?
Should we seek out our ‘other half’?
False images
4. Wedding rites
5. Conception involves more than flesh
6. Into the depths of history
- Arkaim — Academy of the wise-men
- What is the message of Sungir?
- A family-centred society
- A mysterious manœuvre
- Love and the State’s military preparedness
7. Russia erased
8. The elders’ mistake
- From a hired hand to a prince
- A mistake not to be repeated
9. The Creator’s greatest gift
- Childhood love
- Love as a fully fledged member of the family
- True love will most certainly be reciprocated
- Love, too, was teaching in the Vedruss school
10. Pre-wedding festivities
- ‘Rucheyok’
- ‘Chastushka-govorushka’
11. The wedding rite
12. Conception
13. Telegony can be overcome
14. The psychology of Man’s genesis and appearance in the world
- When a man brings a child into the world…
15. A rite for a woman giving birth without a husband
16. Where should we have our babies?
17. The Vedruss birth
18. Not Radomir’s last battle
19. From the stars will they return to the Earth
20. Even in chaos there is a purpose
21. ‘Soulmate gatherings’
22. A nuptial rite for women with children
23. High-society ladies
24. Millennial encounter
25. Anastasia’s wedding

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