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The Raw Food Files - Double DVD


This DVD is a collection of 14 interviews with people spanning the whole cross section of the raw food movement, from Paz talking about raw veganism to Terry talking about a raw meat diet. Rob takes the host Paddy on a wild food walk.

The two DVDs include interviews with the following:

  • Alicia Saway + Paddy
  • Kate Magic Wood + Shazzie
  • Pam Layfield
  • Terry
  • Janet Spence + Nirankar
  • Paz
  • Tom and Jess Fenton
  • Chris Kennet
  • Rob Hull
  • Elaine Bruce
  • Holly Paige

Extracts from a review by Elizabeth:

One rainy afternoon I settled down with this 2 DVD set and didnít expect to be still there a couple of hours later, glued to the screen. It is a fascinating collection of interviews with 14 people who are committed to eating raw, mainly raw or are in the transition stage from cooked to raw food.

Nirankar estimated that in the UK around 20,000 would identify themselves as being raw fooders or being raw at some time. He personally eats porridge and steams vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower but is raw apart from that. It took me by surprise to see Terry explaining why he eats raw meat and how he combines this with steamed and raw vegetables which has contributed to him coming off medication for a long standing illness. He recommends that if you have any worries about your health it is wise to have your blood checked with a doctor to establish if you are low on such vitamins as B12, a very important one for nerve function.

Holly also made the point about listening to your body and adjusting your diet from time to time to avoid a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals. This is particularly true when raising raw children who have specific needs which are different to adults. She also discusses the thought that raw food nourishes the right side of the brain through which we access our spirituality, intuition, creativity and energetic connection to the environment and other people.

Paddy, who did the interviews, asked intelligent questions which got everyone to open up and give us a small snapshot of their lives. Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a colonic? We share the experience with Paddy Ė rather him than me!

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