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Potlucks, Workshops, Courses, Retreats, Festivals and other raw food events. We also have a list of links to regular potlucks.

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Date: Friday 20 April 2018 to Friday 27 April 2018   Time: we start 17 pm
Location: Andalucia, Spain
Description: Honouring and celebrating the divine in each other through the heavenly practices of Partner Yoga, Massage, Mantra and Tantra! Imagine indulging yourselves in delicious gourmet rawfood including raw love chocolate and enjoying partner yoga, massage, mantra and tantra surrounded by the beautiful nature all around you!

Together we will be staying for one full week at the beautiful retreat centre "La Canada" with their exotic gardens full of oranges and ancient old olive trees.

Every day is dedicated to one of the chakras and it's element and on top, we will make excursions to the beach, hot springs or waterfall when the weather allows.

Event Title: Raw Love Awakening One-Day Retreat
Date: Saturday 21 April 2018   Time: 9.30am to 7pm
Location: near Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK
Description: The Raw Love Awakening One-Day Retreat with Gabriela Lerner is your opportunity to spend a day fully immersed in the energy of all things raw, spiritual, conscious and progressive. You will not only immerse yourself in all the wonderfulness that this can bring, but you’ll also walk away with a brand new template for living consciously, raw vegan

Date: Friday 04 May 2018 to Sunday 13 May 2018   Time: We start 17 pm on May 4th
Location: Andalucia, Spain
Description: Nourish yourself from the inside-out with high vibrational raw and superfoods, inspiring yoga sessions and meditation in nature on a daily basis for mental clarity, energy and beauty.

Afternoons include workshops on food preparations, optional therapy sessions, walks, outings or other creative activities. Evenings can include mantra singing, discussions, inspirational films and documentaries.

Each day the yoga and meditation is dedicated to one of the seven chakras, starting with the base. We also offer possibilities for excursions to the beach, mountains, herb-walks and Buddhist monastery.

Event Title: Gathering of Minds
Date: Sunday 06 May 2018   Time: 12noon- 18.30
Location: Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY
Description: Join us for the first Gathering of Minds Bristol!
This will be a day packed full of health and consciousness expanding talks, yoga and a vibration raising sound activation and DNA re-patterning meditation.
We will take you on a journey to discover how to heal the body, with Iridologist and Liver Cleanse Guru Susan Laing and Food Fermentation expert Kenny Swann. Also joining us to discuss the mysteries of spelling and sound will be Chris Deojee.

Don’t miss the yoga with the fantastic Hayley McAlinden (first come, first served) and ending the day we will have the enchanting Jessica Boles to lead us through meditation with her angelic voice and healing instruments, with a Sound Activation and DNA Re-patterning Meditation. This is a chance for light workers of Bristol to join together, meet likeminded people on the path and gain some amazing knowledge to help you on your journey.

We will have delicious and healthy vegan food and desserts, stalls selling crystals, shamanic tools, health goods and so much more, plus lots of socializing and networking too..

You will leave feeling amazing!


12 Doors Open

12.30 Yoga - Hayley McAlinden

13.15 - Love Your Liver Feel ALIVEr - Susan Laing

14.55 - The Mysteries of Spelling and Sound - Chris Deojee

16.05 - Why Fermented Foods Could Save Your Money And Your Life - Kenny Swann

17.15 - Sound Activation and DNA Re-Patterning - Jessica Boles

18.15 - Networking and Stall Browsing

Learn More Here

Event Title: Banquet of Blessings - Kundalini Yoga & Raw Food
Date: Friday 11 May 2018 to Sunday 13 May 2018
Location: near Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK
Description: A 3 day Kundalini Yoga and Raw Food retreat hosted by Gabriela and her husband, Neil at their beautiful home in North Dorset, UK. We are delighted to welcome Elspeth Duncan (Tek Har Kaur) from Tobago to lead the Kundalini Sessions and creative experiences for this transformational retreat.
10% Early Bird discount if booked before 31 January

Event Title: SoulBodyDetox Retreat in Algarve
Date: Friday 22 June 2018 to Friday 29 June 2018   Time: 12 noon
Location: Monte Mariposa Retreat Centre
Description: Come along and join us for 7 full days of deep cleansing, nourishment and soul expansion at the beautiful Monte Mariposa Centre set in the hills of the sunny Algarve.

This deep liver/gallbladder detox and cell rejuvenation process helps to:

• Optimize immunity, reduces inflammatory conditions, triggers stem cell production
• Rebalance the body and bring it back to equilibrium with meals created with uncooked, natural mucus free raw food, loaded with enzymes and lifeforce
• Eliminate and reduce unhealthy cravings and addictions
• Clear ‘stuckness ‘
• Rebalance adrenal, thyroid and other endocrine pathways such as blood sugar levels, and liver exhaustion
• Create feelings of groundedness, relaxation and feelings of happiness – producing more neurotransmitters
• Adds years to your whole body, looking and feeling younger, and improve skin conditions
• Allow you to lose up to 7lbs/3kg in weight in these days!
• Reset the bio-electrics, increase vital force, and, so adds a spring to your step
• Feel sexier and full of pzaz!
• Improve your focus, memory, enthusiasm, and drive in life
• Feel ALIVEr

This soul detox retreat will be jam-packed with oodles of other healing modalities such as:-
Medical Qigong
Shamanic drumming and Dreamtime with soul retrieval
Sweat lodge
Naturopathic techniques
Other soul expansive medicines
Oracle/Tarot card readings
Invaluable nutritional tips with recipe demonstrations
Swimming pool
And a day out at the beautiful secluded local island.

This is a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime to enhance your health and well- being, surrounded with professional support and a relaxing natural rustic ambiance.

Early Bird Price £1111 if paid before 22.2 2018
Installments available
Places are limited as we like to create a cozy and friendly retreat space

Contact 07495755221 or email

See more information and testimonials from previous guests on payment plan and cost of what is included at


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