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Cover of "The Funky Raw Magazine"Writing for the Funky Raw magazine - Call for Submissions

The Funky Raw magazine is a grassroots magazine written by the community for the community. People write for the magazine because they want to help spread positive ideas and knowledge to make this world a better place.

At the moment, writers do not get paid for their work, but they do of course get a free copy of the magazine and a 10% discount from the Funky Raw shop. You can also include a small bio at the end of your article with websites/contacts, etc. We will consider paying for articles in the future as the magazine grows.

Please note that at Funky Raw we do not recommend a vegan diet. While we respect the fact that some people thrive on a vegan diet, we also know that some people do not thrive on a vegan diet so we will not publish articles which suggest that veganism is the only option.

If you would like to write for the magazine, please contact Rob on

Here are some subjects we would like to see in the magazine:

Cleansing and Rebuilding:

  • cleansing stories and recipes
  • fasting
  • juice feasting
  • etc


  • ecological building and decorating
  • alternative energy (sun, wind, peddle power, etc)
  • compost toilets, growing food, transport (cycling, veg oil, etc)
  • making your own (clothes, tools, skincare, etc)

Spirituality and consciousness:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • chanting
  • shamanism
  • plant medicines
  • music
  • etc

Holistic lifestyle:

  • exercise
  • community building
  • personal growth techniques
  • communication
  • massage
  • natural parenting
  • walking barefoot
  • natural cleaning products
  • etc

News, reviews, recipes, etc

  • Raw food news, eg new products, events, etc
  • Reviews: Books, films, products, foods, etc
  • Traveling raw tips: raw cafes, organic markets, etc
  • Raw recipes of all kinds: sweet, savoury, juices, smoothies, etc
  • Short stories
  • Cartoons

Articles can be of a practical nature, eg how to build a compost toilet, or of your experience, eg my experiences living on the land.

And of course if you have any other ideas for articles not included above, please let me know.

Please send your articles and/or ideas to

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