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About Funky Raw

Funky Raw is a UK based company run by Rob Hull. Funky Raw exists to support people eating a raw food diet. We operate an online raw food shop and produce a quarterly magazine. We also run an online art clothing store selling creative clothing with a large organic clothing range, plus a hemp, bamboo and recycled range.

Recommended Diet

Due to variations among us, we have found that different people need to eat different diets. While vegan diets may work for some (although we don't recommend it), we find most people need either a vegetarian diet or an omnivorous diet. But there are some general principles that we recommend for eating a healthy diet for optimum nutrition. We recommend that all food is organic. Chemicals used in "conventional" farming are not good for us or the soil.

We believe our natural diet (many thousands of years ago) was made up of tropical fruits, nuts, leaves and insects or insect matter. This is the kind of diet primates currently eat. Due to the current state of humans (see Left in the Dark), the state of the soil (lacking minerals due to intensive farming practices) and the actual foods (changed from the original through many thousands of years of hybridisation by humans), we can no longer get by on this archaic diet, so this is what we currently recommend:

  1. Fruit and Vegetables - Local, fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables form the main basis for the raw diet. Grow your own if you can, otherwise try to buy from a farmers market and local farm shops to get the best quality fresh produce.
  2. Greens – high quality greens grown on rich soil, particularly wild greens, in the form of salads, juice and blends (which help digestion), are essential for minerals and rebuilding. Wild greens are particularly nutritious, try and learn where to collect wild food in your area.
  3. Nuts and seeds – these are important to get enough density and rebuilding fuel. We recommend soaking all nuts and seeds before use to remove the anti-nutrients and aid assimilation.
  4. Animal products – insects would have definitely been part of our archaic diet. Figs for instance are a primate’s favourite food, which they will choose over any other fruit and eat all year round if available. Wild figs are laden with insect matter and we feel this is very significant. At the very least we need to substitute for this and animal products also help with maintaining a dense enough diet. This can be in the form of unpasteurised milk, cheese made with unpasteurised milk and kefir (fermented milk similar to yoghurt), goats or sheep's generally being better than cows milk. Raw eggs are full of nutrition including vitamin B12 - buy organic/free range eggs direct from a local farmer if possible.
    Butter is also great if made with milk from grass fed pastured animals. Raw is best, but if you can't get that, pasteurised is ok as butter is a saturated fat and not greatly damaged by heat.
    Some people find that need more animal foods in their diet such as cod liver oil and raw fish.
  5. Fermented Foods – these contain pro-biotic bacteria which are essential for good digestion and assimilation. We recommend kefir, sauerkraut, fermented vegetables and kombucha, all of which you can make yourself.
  6. Supplements and Superfoods – these help to compensate for not only our malfunctioning system but also for the degeneration of the soil. It may be possible however to avoid supplements if one eats food that are grown on very rich soil. Seaweed is particularly mineral rich.
  7. High Quality cold pressed oils – these are essential for brain maintenance in our current condition. Flax oil and hemp seed oil are excellent. Keep all oils in the fridge.

You can now read Rob's article "What I Eat and Why", originally published in Funky Raw magazine issue 19.

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