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Environmental Policy

At Funky Raw we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use recycled products where we can:

  • all the paper we use is 100% recycled (including the magazine and recipe booklet)
  • envelopes are 100% recycled
  • boxes used for packing are 80% recycled (or boxes we are re-using)
  • the padded envelopes are minimum 75% recycled
  • where possible, we request our suppliers package the products in bio-degradable packaging such as cellophane and cardboard

We try and reuse packaging materials as much as possible, eg padded mailing bags. Most of the packaging 'chips' and bubble wrap is reused from deliveries we receive! Most (including all that we buy) of the packaging "chips" are bio-degradable - put them in water and watch them dissolve!

Organic farming

Most of the raw food items we sell are grown using organic methods, but because we are not certified (costs a lot of money!) we can't sell most of our own brand food as being organic, so we have to call it "Pesticide Free" or "Ecologically produced".

Fair trade

Although not certified, where possible our products are traded fairly. Our chocolate products come from South America which we understand has much better worker conditions and is not produced with slave labour.

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