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Funky Raw - Links - Resources for UK raw fooders

We have links in the flowing categories:

Raw and Nutrition

Left in the Dark - Tony Wright's research on the brain, evolution and consciousness. One of the most amazing theories I have ever come across.

Raw Rob - Rob's blog - recipes, reviews, photography, travel, etc.

The Funky Raw Magazine - Our very own quarterly magazine with news, reviews, recipes and articles on aspects of raw food, nutrition, spirituality, sustainability and more.

Weston Price Foundation - Based on the research of dentist Weston Price who traveled the world in the 1930s looking at the diets and health of "primitive" peoples. Some of the best data on what traditional people ate.

Wild Fermentation - The site of Sandor Ellix Katz who has published a great book on fermented foods, plus an online forum all about fermenting.

Sprouting in the UK - Sally's website all about growing your own sprouts. You can also buy Sally's book Sprouting in the UK.

The Renegade Health Food Show - Daily video show from Kevin Gianni, coving all kinds of raw topics and viewers questions.

The Happy Gelateria - A website all about raw ice-cream! Includes free recipes plus ebooks available for purchase. Also has a great kids section with recipes including Fruit Salad Ice Lollies.

Raw Reform - Weight loss on a raw diet - great before and after photos

Economads Library of Awareness - This is an amazing site with so much information

Festival of Life - An annual festival in London with raw cafe, talks, workshops and live music

Raw Runner - Running for health & fitness on a diet of predominately Raw Food

Seeds of Health - List of UK raw dairy suppliers

Find a Spring - A database of springs where you can collect your own fresh pure warer. It's a new site so not many springs listed yet, it needs everyone who knows where a spring is to go and add it to the list.

Fermented Foods

Dom's Kefir Site - This site has loads of info on making kefir.

Happy Kombucha - Kombucha cultures and ready made kombucha in various flavours, plus milk kefir grains and water kefir grains

Katie Clare Nutritional Therapy - Katie's blog which includes many recipes for fermented foods.

Raw Kids

The Happy Gelateria - A website all about raw ice-cream! Includes free recipes plus ebooks available for purchase. Also has a great kids section with recipes including Fruit Salad Ice Lollies.

Wild Foods

Plants for a Future - This site has a database of over 7000 plants and includes an edibility rating for those which are edible.

Wild Food Walks - Seasonal wild food walks in Devon with Fiona Campbell: Spring - leaves and flowers, Summer - Seaweed, Autumn - Fungi, before Winter - Berries, Nuts, Roots & Lichens.

Raw Dairy

Hook and Son - Get raw milk delivered to your door on the raw milkround in the southeast, plus courier delivery across the country. The website also has info on the benefits of raw milk. Hook and Son also sell their raw dairy at some London farmers markets and at Borough Market (London Bridge)

Straight From The Cow - Raw cows milk from a farm south of Birmingham. Local collection or delivery, plus UK wide delivery by courier.

Gazegill Organics - Offering organic raw milk from a farm in the Ribble Valley, plus also grass fed beef.

Domini Foods - Raw milk and butter from Jersey cows from a farm in Norfolk.

Red 23 - Raw cheese, raw butter, raw goats yoghurt and raw cows and goats milk all to purchase online.

Moorlands Cheesemakers - Cheese starter cultures and rennet, plus everything you need to make your own cheese.

Ballyroney Cottage B&B - Something a little different, this B&B in Northern Ireland has 12 goats and they sell the raw goat milk direct to their guests and to the public. Along with their own free range eggs and honey. Best to call in advance on 07754 091 772.


Gone Raw - Seems to be the best site for raw recipes.

Elements for Life - A great selection of raw chocolate recipes, including filled chocolates, chocolate drinks, cakes and more.

Raw Friendly Cafés / Restaurants London

Wild Food Cafe - Run by Joel Gazdar in Covent Garden, London, serving a wide selection of raw foods, including a salad, soup and curry of the day, burgers, pizza, lasagna, Thai, falafel, etc

Vantra - Now recombined with VitaOrganic/Vitao at a new location on Oxford Street, Vantra serves healthy vegan food with a selection of raw food. (Near Tottenham Court Road tube.)

Tanya's Café - Top quality raw food in Chelsea, London. A wide range of food including juices, smoothies, brunch, mains, chocolates and cakes.

Bonningtons - Vegetarian resturant in Vauxhall, London with raw food usually available on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month, but check who's cooking first, the raw chef is Anya

Campbell's Canal Cafe - This is what used to be inSpiral Lounge. A change of ownership and a new name, but I understand not much else has changed. It used to be 100% organic, with some raw options, including salads, smoothies and raw chocolate. Live music and DJs. Camden Town, London.

LA Suite West - Posh hotel restaurant in Bayswater with raw food options on their menu.

Down To Earth - Vegetarian café with raw and vegan options, Kensignton High Street.

Rawligion - Opening soon, raw takeaway, Tottenham Court Road.

Raw Friendly Cafés / Restaurants Rest of UK

Excalibur Cafe - Cafe in Glastonbury, specialising in raw and fermented foods.

Feed the Soul - Cafe and holistic health food shop in Godmanstone, Dorset, serving raw meals using seasonal organic produce plus chocolate and cakes.

Rawberry - Juice/smoothie bar and cafe in Winchester. Vegetarian with some raw and vegan options.

Global Tribe Café - A new café in Leeds above the Global Tribe Crystals shop. They serve vegan, vegetarian and raw foods.

Pure on Raw - New raw café in Sheffield with interesting looking menu including mock BBQ Ribs, pizza, cheeseburger and enchilada! They also offer a raw food catering service and delivery service.

The Core - Raw juice bar in Swindon.

Raw Food Delivery Services / Catering

Raw Fairies - Deliveries of full days worth of meals in London

Love Chefs - Charlotte and Mark can cater for any event from dinner parties and weddings through to detox retreats.

Raw Liberty - Lisa Simpson can cater a 3 course raw meal at your choice of location, starting from 4 to 6 guests.

Funky Raw Monthly Snack Box - Get a box delivered every month containing raw snacks and treats. Plus a 5% discount at the Funky Raw shop and free PDFs of the Funky Raw magazine.

Funky Gourmet - Fatih Guven is the head chef and owner has 20 years of culinary expertise including working at SAF. Based in London. (Not connected to Funky Raw.)

Fairfoods - A vegan events catering company who now also offer some raw options. Based in Devon and also cover Cornwall, Somerset and more.

Pure on Raw - Raw catering service in Sheffield.

Ospalla - Raw catering service in Sussex including raw pizza delivery!

Nama Artisan Raw Foods - a raw vegan food producer based in West London providing nut cheeses, raw food courses, raw food catering, birthday cakes.

Mr Prempys - Raw cake delivery in London.

Online shops

Funky Raw - online raw food suppliers - Our online shop selling organic and ecologically produced products including goji berries, maca, raw sweeteners (lucuma, stevia, raw honey, etc), raw chocolate ingredients and raw chocolate bars, books, etc

Food For Consciousness - Holly's site high nutrition foods for the brain - superfoods, mushroom powders, kefir, etc.

Cultured Probiotics - A whole range of raw cultured vegetables - Sauerkraut, Kvass, Kimchi and more.

Excalibur Online Shop - Specialising in fermented foods like jun (honey kombucha), sauerkraut and kim chi.

Thai Food Shop - Here you can buy fresh durian and young green coconuts online, plus other tropical fruits. (Plus lots of other foods from Thailand, most not of interest to raw fooders!)

Elements for Life - Superfoods, raw chocolate kits, great selection of sillicon chocolate moulds, and more.

Pura Vida - A range of sprouted living breads: onion bread, broccoli bread, banana bread and chocolate bread plus other raw food treats.

Have Raw Cake and Eat It - Lots of recipes and online shop with superfoods.

Sweet Sensations - Truffles and chocolates and ingredients, moulds, etc.

Aconbury Sprouts - A range of seeds for sprouting and growing wheatgrass.

Raw Living - Gourmet organic raw foods, superfoods, and equipment

Detox Your World - Shazzies site with online shop, information and support

Raw Gaia - 100% raw and natural skin care products

Energise Your Life - Another online shop selling juicers, sprouters, exercise equipment and lots more health related products.

Fresh Network - UK based magazine, events and online shop

Red 23 - Organic health foods and superfoods, they have a range of raw dairy and cultured foods. They also have a shop in Gants Hill, 20 mins from London.

Athleat - High quality grass fed meat, plus grass fed beef jerky (dehydrated beef).

Flax Farm - Fresh cold pressed flax oil (linseed oil).

Buying Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

We find the best place to buy good quality, fresh, ripe and chemical free fruit and veg is direct from the farmers. The following websites will help you find local farmers markets and farm shops.

London Farmers Markets - The main organisers of Farmers Markets in London.

City & Country Farmers Markets - Another organiser of Farmers Markets in London.

Local Foods - Find farm shops and farmers markets all over the UK.

Raw Chocolate Companies

At Funky Raw we have chocolate from a selection of these companies.

Fruitful Chocolate - A new raw chocolate company using only dried fruit to sweeten their chocolate, no added sugars.

IQ Chocolate - A top quality raw chocolate bar made directly from cacao beans.

Coco Caravan - Amazing raw chocolates filled with caramel.

Mulu - A new range of silky smooth raw chocolate.

The Raw Chocolate Company - Home of Twilight, Vanoffe and more.

Conscious Chocolate - A good selection of flavours, very smooth and creamy chocolate.

Rawr - A new raw chocolate company with a good selection of flavours, creamy chocolate with a cacao nib crunch, and it is salt free which is a bonus for me.

Chocolate Love Temple - Raw chocolate shop at 86a High Street, Glastonbury - drink a raw chocolate elixier and eat freshly made raw chocolates.

The Raw Chocolate Shop - They sell chocolate from some of the main raw choc manufacturers.

Raw Workshops / Coaching / Events

Kitchen Buddy - Raw food classes in the south east (London, Oxford, Brighton) with Theresa Webb

Amy Levin - Ooosha Raw Culinary Artistry - Advanced Chocolate Classes, learn how to make beautiful and delicious raw chocolares. Based in East Sussex but also runs classes in other parts of the UK.

* New * Octopus Alchemy - a social venture in Brighton that talks food-politics and traditional foods - they run regular workshops on fermentation and traditional food preparation in Brighton and beyond.

Anna Middleton - Workshops and potlucks in Bristol.

Raw Freedom with Saskia - Coaching and workshops, mostly in Bristol, but various locations.

Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen - Raw food and raw chocolate workshops in London and Bath.

Vibrancy UK - Gina Shaw offers health consultations, juice and water fasting supervision, and detox retreats in the UK and Portugal.

ReSource - Workshops, retreats, events, Raw Bed & Breakfast, near Bridgwater, Somerset and other places.

Liz Bygrave - Sweet Sensations - Raw dessert & chocolate workshops and private tuition plus therapies including massage and reflexology in and around St Leonards, East Sussex.

Eat Raw Feel Great - Raw food demos in County Down, Northern Ireland, plus lots of recipes on the website.

Greenleaves Herbal Healthcare - Raw food talks and classes as well as online herbal shop and herbal medicine info.

Raw Accommodation

ReSource - Raw Bed & Breakfast, near Bridgwater, Somerset.

Glastonbury - Single room in shared house near Glastonbury town centre with access to green life juicer, blender and food processor. £30 per night.

Raw Retreats / Detox Retreats

Your Original Health - Private retreats and detox with Dr. Wilco who will teach you how to empower yourself and take charge of your own health.

Retreat Petite - Various mini retreats from 3 to 6 nights including juice cleansing and creating your best year yet with Claire Beecroft in Rutland Water (between Leicester and Peterborough).

The Raw Retreat - A luxury residential holistic health and detox retreat in Cornwall, with bespoke programmes in health, healing, detox, juice fasting, weight-loss, fertility and raw food.

Health Etcetera - Residential raw food retreat centre in Winchester. Nutrition, exercise, meditation and lectures.

Sura Detox Retreats - Retreats in Devon includes twice daily colonics, morning meditation, afternoon yoga, therapeutic massage, homoeopathic counselling and daily nutritional talks.

Karuna Detox - 7 Day Detox with Juice Fasting, Massage therapies, Colonics, Yoga and Meditation in Devon.

Middle Piccadilly Spa Retreat - Some raw retreats and raw food as an option on their custom retreat packages in the Dorset countryside. They do juice cleansing, massage, detox, reflexology and have a sauna.

Sun Food Yoga - Yoga and meditation retreats in combination with a raw & superfood diet and workshops on how to prepare simple and popular raw dishes in Andalucia, southern Spain.

Retreat Biarritz - You can choose either a Colon Clense and Detox week or a Raw Cuisine week at this raw food based retreat centre in France, including guided walks in the Pyrenees and time at the beach.


Pemaculture magazine - A quarterly magazine "Solutions for Sustainable Living"

Food Forestation - Supplier of plants and seeds for growing your own edible forest garden. Including rare and hard to get hold of plants.

Karuna - Permaculture project in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Shropshire. Living on the land, growing fruit trees, plus retreats and courses. The owners have contributed to the Funky Raw magazine; Merav has painted two of the covers and Janta has written an article.

Caña Dulce - Permaculture project in southern Spain, with yoga and raw food.


Keimling - Delicious sun dried olives, raw dried fruit and nuts and more. They are based in Germany, and the website is currently only in German. We stock a selection of Keimling products at Funky Raw and can stock other products on request. - Based in the Czech Republic, LifeFood produce a range of raw crackers and snacks and sell a range of superfoods. They have a Fresh&Bio bar in the Palác flóra centre in Prague.

Fresh Food Festival - Scandinavia's raw food festival. This year the festival will be in Denmark from July 10th to 12th.

Bio Samara - Online raw food shop in Switzerland (in German).

Raw Superfoods - Raw food in Amsterdam including an online shop

Raw Garden - Raw restaurant in Riga, Latvia.

Raw Raw - Raw restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania. (Website in Lithuanian.)

SolSemilla - Online shop selling superfoods and raw chocolate in France and a vegetarian restaurant with raw options in Paris.


Soaring Free Superfoods - Online shop, courses and workshops in South Africa.


The Raw Food World - Online raw shop selling superfoods, books, equipment, etc

Serenity Spaces - Workshops, retreats, meditation and more around the USA


Raw Power - An online shop and online raw magazine down under in Australia.


Raw Rob - Rob's blog - recipes, wild food, nature, photography and more

Food For Consciousness Blog - Research on the brain and nutrition.

Raw Reform Blog - Juice Feasting and more from Angela Stokes

Fresh Network Blog - Great source of raw news


Amazanga - artwork by longterm raw foodie dedicted to deep connection to earth spirit and our archaic shamanic heritage.

Meta Physicality - Paz's poetry on the subjects of raw, awakening and raising of consciousness.

Jolita Yamuna Art - Artwork of Jolita Yamuna who has created three covers for the Funky Raw magazine.

Alternative Health

Dawn Waterhouse - Dawn is a homeopath and offers holistic healing with homeopathy, diet and nutrition advice. Dawn runs workshops and personal meditation lessons and also writes for the Funky Raw magazine.

Raw Yoga Teacher Training - Learn to be a yoga teacher in the lush tropics of Bali at the world’s only all organic, raw food yoga teacher training. Covering different yoga styles: Jivamukti, Iyengar, Astanga, and more from 11 guest teachers including Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

The Art of Change - Books, magazines and CD's to help you change your life for the better.

Innerlight Health and Yoga - Yoga and raw food. Classes and retreats.

Metamorphic Technique - A unique tool for personal development and transformation. We all have great potential but due to limiting beliefs we get caught in patterns that keep us from realising our full potential. The metamorphic technique acts as a catalyst to your life force, enabling you to transform your patterns and move from who you are, to who you can be.

Onelove Livity - Passionately committed to uplifting the health of people and planet. Nature-therapy retreats, tours and inspired creativity. Our vision is to enable the creation of healthy and sustainable lifestyles in harmony with the natural cycles of ourselves and the Earth.

The Mother Magazine - "The Mother is an international magazine of fertility awareness, conscious conception, peaceful pregnancy, sacred birth, extended breastfeeding, natural immunity and attachment parenting."

Shakti Lifestyle - The Shakti Mat is a contemporary version of the Indian 'bed of nails' and can help relieve back pain and with relaxation in general.

Environmentally Friendly Info, Products and Services

Zazeka Organic Clothing - New site from Funky Raw with organic clothing with cool designs.

Jolita Yamuna - Another website run by Funky Raw selling a range of creative clothing, some of which is made from organic cotton, bamboo and hemp fabrics.

Eco Friendly products at Funky Raw - Natural clothes washing, natural candles and organic cotton shoppings bags, plus a wide range of organic and ecologically produced foods.

Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) - A non-profit organisation whose mission is to help people reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, gain new skills, live in a healthier and more satisfying way, have fun and save money.

Rapanui Clothing - Eco Fashion - Organic and fair trade clothing, made with wind power and natural dyes where possible. T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, socks and more for men and women.

Fill Your Pants - Reuseable nappies and other eco baby products.

All Things Eco - A directory which could help you find local farmers markets, organic shops, recycling info and lots more.


Keveral Farm - The site of previous Funky Raw festivals is in a beautiful location in Cornwall where you can go for a camping holiday.

Veggie Power - Kits to convert your car to run on vegetable oil

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