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Dried Fruit Multipack, Organic/Ecologically Produced, 1.8kg


500g each of organic figs, organic goji berries and ecologically produced aronia berries plus 300g organic mulberries at a 12% discount from our regular prices.

These dried fruits can be eaten directly as a snack or soaked and added to smoothies or raw cakes. Apart from the aronia berries which generally need soaking before use.

Greek Figs: These are soft and chewy, a bit like Turkish lerida figs, but better! They are dried on the tree in the sun. They are picked and packed on the same day with no extra processing.

Goji berries: A super-nutritious dried fruit, high in vitamin C. Great in smoothies, raw chocolate and trail mixes.

Mulberries: A delicious sweet Mediterranean dried fruit. They contain resveratrol which is a potent antioxidant. Great to eat as they are or soaked and blended into raw cakes and deserts.

Aronia berries: These contain a good selection of vitamins and minerals, and they are particularly high in the anthocyanin flavonoid. These are found in the blue pigments in fruits and vegetables and are though to have many health benefits. The flavour is both tart and slightly sweet, and also slightly astringent. Not the kind of thing most people want to eat on their own, but great to add to smoothies, trail mixes, cakes, etc to give a boost in nutrition. I soak a few berries overnight and add to my morning smoothie.

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