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Starter Pack 1 - Raw Foods for Beginners with free Chocolate Bar


This is a great introduction if you are new to raw food. Includes a pack of raw crackers, raw sauerkraut, chia seeds, lucuma (a raw sweetener), fresh sea spaghetti and our recipe booklet. Plus a free raw chocolate bar!

All food products are vegan and organic. The recipe booklet contains 2 or 3 recipes which include dairy, the rest are vegan.

Wasabi Crackits (100g): Delicious almond crackers. You might expect wasabi crackers to have a strong flavour, but in this case the flavour is subtle.

Sea Spaghetti (250g): A very tender seaweed, great for people who don't usually like seaweed! It can be used as a raw substitute for tagliatelle or noodles to go with a raw pasta sauce. Unlike most seaweed, this hasn't been dried, it is raw, fresh and unprocessed and full of minerals.

Ruby Red Sauerkraut (400g): Our most popular sauerkraut, a real superfood full of nutrition, probiotic bacteria and flavour. This sauerkraut is made with red cabbage which adds an amazing colour to your meal. It can be mixed in to a salad to add flavour and nutrition, or served as a condiment.

Chia Seeds (500g): When soaked, chia seeds form a gel in a similar way to flax seeds. They can be made into milk, puddings or sprouted like alfalfa seeds. You could also try adding them to raw cakes and brownies or using them to thicken soups and sauces. Chia seeds are very high in omega 3 essential fatty acids, plus a good source of antioxidants and protein.

Lucuma (500g): A dried fruit powder which makes a great natural sweetener for use in cakes, puddings, ice-cream, smoothies, chocolate and more. Lucuma is very nutritious with high levels of carotene and vitamin B3.

Recipe Booklet: Contains over 40 delicious raw food recipes, including the famous Chocolate pudding. Sections include Sauces and salad dressings, Dips and Accompaniments to Salads, Raw Soups, Main Meals and Savoury Dishes and of course Sweets and Puddings. Printed on recycled paper.

Free gift - Raw Chocolate with a soft centre: a raw chocolate bar with a coconut and vanilla flavour filling!

Wasabi Crackers Ingredients: almonds*, courgettes*, sunflower seeds*, carrots*, flax seeds*, horseradish powder*, mustard powder*, spirulina*, wasabi*, extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil*, chia seeds*, dates*, sesame seeds*, himalayan crystal salt, shatavari*, ginger*, cayenne pepper*, kelp. *=organic

Fresh Sea Spaghetti Ingredients: Sea Spaghetti (Himantalia elongata), sea salt.

Sauerkraut Ingredients: White cabbage, red cabbage, sea salt, cumin seed. All ingredients certified organic.

Chocolate Bar Ingredients: coconut cream*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, ground vanilla powder*. *certified organic

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