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Recreating the Psychoactive Forest by Holly Paige


Nutrition for Natural Consciousness.

This new book from Holly Paige builds on the work of Tony Wright and gives us practical information on how to provide our brains with the bio-chemistry they need to function in improved ways.

It starts off with an introduction to the issues and the methods Holly has found for getting the best from her brain! The book then goes on to a selection of raw recipes which use high nutrient foods.

Recipes include breakfasts, kefir and cheese (dairy) making, seasonings, soups, green juice, sauces, breads, snacks, deserts and cakes, ice-creams and drinks.

124 pages, including 66 pages of recipes.

Extract from a review by Jessie Maguire (from Funky Raw magazine #17)

This is a gorgeous little book. It is essentially a guidebook, sharing how we might learn to live an optimal life in all respects, by nourishing our brains and therefore maximising the depth of our experience day to day. It is full of inspiration, useful tips and is easy to read but content-rich.

In this lil book, Holly allows us access to the fruits of her vast, practical and real-life experience as a raw foodist. This self-proclaimed ‘summary of practical information, so people can get on with it’, subtly invites us to examine our vision of what is possible, by openly inspiring us to discover the pleasure that we are designed to draw from life and nature, through accessing the power of our much neglected right brain.

Mama Holly begins the book by introducing us to the lesser-known concept of left-brain dominance, in the context of evolution. She explains simply how this dominance has developed, the drawbacks, and how to remedy it by stimulating right brain activity with supplements and foodstuffs readily available to us online and simple techniques everyone can use at home.

The book explores elevating levels of brain biochemicals to reactivate the pineal gland, and outlines what we should be including in our diet to access the biochemical bounty: enhanced mood, creativity, inspiration, feeling calmer and more connected.... Sound familiar you guys on the raw path?


  • Introduction
  • What on Earth's going on
  • Why Raw?
  • Food for the day
  • Nutrition - The Broad Spectrum
  • Brain Biochemicals to reactivate the Pineal
  • Shifting Hemispheres
  • Getting Started...
  • Changing our Minds
  • The Art of Tasty Raw Food Preparation
  • Recipes
  • The Art of Foraging
  • The Art of Gardening
  • Raw Generation
  • Books, Suppliers and Further Information

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